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Sunday, April 05, 2009


I'm going to begin by showing the Easter prim crafts I have made! They were alot of fun to do! I made hang tags, bowl fillers and ornies.

I've only just begun to sew with some Valentine bowl fillers I made at the beginning of 2009. Most of my bowl fillers are purchased from other talented crafters. But now i've sewn some for not only Valentines, but Easter too! I do some on the sewing machine, but mostly so far, hand sewn, just because the machine is a pain to drag out!

I like using alot of rusty old items I purchase suchs as bed springs, bells, pins and keys.

Old vintage photos are one of the things I love to add to my prim crafts. For the hang tags, decopage works to adhear them to the tag. I like to 'tear' the printed pictures instead of cutting "clean".

I normally do some editing to the pictures first with Paint Shop Pro to get the lighteness and colors the way I want them. Then I print out on t-shirt transfer paper, iron on my fabric, sew if needed depending on what I'm making and add any other 'special effects' such as mica, glitter, cinnamon, etc.

I love to stain fabric with my grubby mixture of cinnamon, coffee and vanilla, then bake to the specific color of 'old' I want. I normally then rub on more cinnamon for an even more grungy look and yummy smell!

Besides using mica flakes & glitter I like to use misc. fabric pieces glued here and there.

Here are the remainder of the Easter prim crafts I made:

I hope to not only post pics of my crafts but ideas of how to do some and also my favorite prim sites to visit or purchase items from!

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