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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kitchen, "Dining Room" and Living Room

Here I'm adding some of the crafts I've made for the kitchen, which is decorated in a kind of Tuscany/antiquey way...the "Dining Room" in our little apartment I have a prim star that I decorated with pipberries and a rusty can of grungy candles. Some of the primitive things I've made that are in our little comfy living room are hang tags.


I got the cute wreath above with the rusty stars on Ebay. I later purchased the fabric garland that included lights, also from an Ebay store. I wrapped that around the wreath and hung inbetween my cabinets in the kitchen, above the sink. I added 2 old antique kitchen spoons, 2 small drawings of Italian chefs and took a prim hang tag and added some old buttons, a key, a block that reads 'depart' and handwrote 'Tuscany' on it.

I love this little lamp...I've had it for so long, I honestly do not remember where or when I purchased it! What I did add about a year and 1/2 ago are some prim fixens in the bottom silver little bowl-ish part and took a prim hang tag and wrote 'Olde Thyme Prim' on it. I attached it to the lamp with some homespun. The hearts on the tag are actually from 2 old lapel pins I never wore anymore. So I took the hearts and glued them to the tag and included a piece of jute tied in a bow.

My hubby and I ran across a roadside flea market in Hailey, Idaho after a day trip to Ketchum, Idaho a couple of years ago. We purchased the 2 old black bobbins there! For awhile, I just had the 2 bobbins displayed by themselves in the kitchen in our Boise home. I brought them with us to Salt Lake and I bought some battery operated tea lights at the dollar store. I grunged up the tea lights with cinnamon, vanilla and other spices. After making the grungy tea lights I attached them to the bobbins...errrr or should I say jerry-rigged them (or better yet did a MacGyver)! Wrapped some homespun & raffia around the bobbins with a small prim rusty star and put some burgundy, creme and black pipberries in the middle! (Oh! btw...behind the bobbins is my toaster...my hubby sewed me the red gingham toaster cover! LOVE IT!)

I love the look of the towels I have hung from the stove handle....so fun and EASY! I received the 3 cute towels as gifts and all I did was gather each in the middle and tie with homespun!

This was just a plain black frame. I 'primmed' it up by adding a piece of tea stained homespun, a rusty heart and old button. On the left side of the frame I took a plain small tag and glued a pic of a vintage couple to it with some music note paper behind their picture. I added a paper 'flower' and put a old button on the flower. The button's middle looks like old glass. I hung it from the frame with some jute. I then have the frame resting on a prim mustard stand. This is on one of our kitchen counters. It's one of my favorite pics of me and my wonderful hubby!

I LOVE my hanging cupboard ladels! I purchased those on Ebay. I filled them with prim fixens and pipberries that have rusty stars throughout them. In the middle of each I placed a 'Grubby Grungy Mini Tart Jar' that I purchased from HODGE PODGE CANDLES (my FAVORITE place to get jar candles!)You can place the Tart Jars in your tartwarmer or on a sunny windowsill to activate the scent, but I just pop in the microwave for a few seconds and put back on the prim fixens in the ladel when I want the fragrance from them to awaken.
The towels were a simple project that I'm really happy with. The red and black towels are both Dollar Store purchases! I cut a piece of tea stained muslin for each then hand stitched the different sayings on each. I attached to the towels by sewing them on with thick black yarn. FUN!


Here is the prim mustard star in our small dining area of our apartment. An Ebay purchase of course! I strung some pipberries up and around it. I had an old rusty, I guess you would call it a hang tag and attached some vintage buttons to it at the bottom. I decopaged to it a saying I printed off of the computer and then tea stained that reads "As Pure As It Seeems". The rusty hang tag I then attached to the star with homespun and raffia.

I like the way my grungy candles turned out that I display in a can I rusted that sits on our kitchen table. I used Chocolate Coco powder and other spices to grunge the candles. I had some homespun that was on a broken electric candle of mine, so I tossed the candle (which was not fixable) and took the homespun which had it's own rusty star and wrapped a few times around the 4 'chocolate grunge' candles. The rusty can of course has more homespun wrapped around the brim....can one ever have enough homespun? I don't believe so!


The Willow Tree was one of my first Primitive purchases and I just love it! It is burgundy and creme with rusty stars! I made the hang tag on it and attached with what else...homespun!

Here's a close up of the hang tag. It was already grunged when I purchased my batch of hang tags from a Ebay store. I hand wrote the words "Gathering Room" on it and put a blue and red button on it along with a small black box that reads 'arrive'. I found some vintage pics on the net of people just sitting around and decopaged them on. I then added some creme fringe with hanging crytals for a bit of a different look.

The pic above I included to just show how to prim up a plant! This one is actually a fake fern I purchased at "Michaels" Craft Store. I tend to kill the real ones! I had a antique watering pitcher can and put the fern in there. I tucked in raffia around the plant so you could not see down between it and the can. I had some butterflies on steel sticks I stuck into the fern and it sits on a white prim-shabby chic plant stand.

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