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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Sorry for the lack of blogging, been with my dear hubby in the hospital alot as he's post heart transplant 17 days today! Whoo-hoo! He's doing well, just needs to get those legs stronger since he had been sedated and in bed for so long.
So here I have a small black kitty I made. Now keep in mind I am not a sewer by any means but I do like to dabble in it. I do my sewing mainly by hand since I stink with a sewing machine unless my husband is there to show me what to do!
So I really was looking for a small cat to sit in a small primitive sieve I have in our bedroom. I saw some I liked, and thought "I should just make one!" So I incorporated alot of different ideas I saw into my little black cat.

I cut out his shape from muslin and then sewed him, stuffed him and then painted him black and grubbied him all up in a mixture of coffee, vanilla and cinnamon then baked. I then sprinkled extra cinnamon on him and rubbed it in.
His eyes are buttons and I put a piece of red gingham around his neck and secured it with a rusty saftey pin & bell. I cut pieces of rusty wire and used those as his whiskers. I then took 2 more old saftey pins and a bell and hung those from his tail. Last but not least I formed some jute into a ball nose and a smirky smile.

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