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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Old Sawdust Pillow

Here is my version of a sawdust pillow...errrr...but it's not filled with that!
I cut out 2 pillow sizes from plain muslin. I had some red fabric that I then cut a heart out of and 2 rectangles. I took all the fabric and put them into my grungy mix of coffee, vanilla & cinnamon and baked to the color I wanted.
I lightly stuffed the pillows and put my grungy heart onto the smaller top pillow. On the red fabric rectangles I stitched the date "1802" on one and "Faith" on the other and put each on opposites sides of the bottom larger pillow.
I tied both pillows together with grungy cheescloth and a floral homespun. An old key was tied into the cheesecloth and homespun also.
I found a vintage pic of a pretty young girl praying (she was the inspiration for the "Faith" word) I added her to a grubby hangtag and put a rusty star on the tag. The tag is tied to the homespun/cheesecloth along with a rusty bell.
Since I love homespun and rusty things so much, I added a red checked homespun bow to each side of the smaller top pillow and attached them with a rusty safety pin and bell.
Lastly, I sprinkled everything very lightly with mica flakes.

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