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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Prairie Cakes Finished!!

Ok, well I had to toss the 'loaf' prairie cake I made, thus this follow up post being a couple days late! After about 8 hours of baking, the center never got hardened like it should have. I think it was just too big and I should have tried the trick I read about that you can put crumbled up tin foil in the center of the cake so there is not so much dough to cook. Oh well...lesson learned.
So I made new prairie cakes, but in a much different way! I had gone to Whole Foods to pick up some vitamins, got a sandwhich at the deli and stopped too look at the baked goods (yummmmm.....) on the table with cookies and scones was a plastic container of what looked like little flaky cakes to me and they were called 'Cream Cheese Biscuits'. I thought WOW! these will be good! I imagined biting in to something along the lines of a bavarian cheese coffee cake. So after I finished my grilled salmon on foccacia sandwhich, it was dessert time! I bit into my 'Cream Cheese Biscuit' to find no cream cheese at all....it was just a plain 'ol biscuit!! Grrrrrrr....so I tried one with butter...boring, then another with jelly...a bit better but still boring!! So the wheels got turning. I looked at the 4 remaining biscuits and thought 'These will be my new prairie cakes!!'.
Here is a pic of them as their boring Cream Cheese Biscuits

I put several coats of an All Purpose Sealer on each of them and sprinkled them with cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and ground up cloves and then more sealer

I had an old wooden trivet that I hardly use, so I gave it a base coat of black

Then a top coat of red

I then used sandpaper to make it look all worn and distressed

The last thing I had to do was melt some wax so I could pour over my prairie cakes so they would looked 'iced'. I added some snickerdoodle scent to my wax then dribbled it all over the cakes....yummmy!

Here are the finished cakes on top of their distressed board under their 'Poor Man's Shoo-Fly'!!

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