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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What 'cha Work'in on Wednesday

I'm posting this late Wednesday, just got back recently from visiting my darling husband in the hospital.
But this is what I was working on today, while also actually 'working'...really! I made a larger shoo-fly than the first one I had made (to be shown in a later post) and also made a primitive prairie cake.
I like to call my shoo-fly a 'Poor Man's Shoo-Fly'....it's not like the very nice ones you see some people selling that they've made (which I love!)but made my own version.
I purchased a simple disposable grill screen....depending on the size they run from like $.99 - $2.99....I bent it into the shape I wanted (which usually comes out more square than round!) The edges can get a little sharp after bending around, so I took some muslin and cut a long strand of it and grubbied up in my mixture of coffee, vanilla, cinnamon and cloves....then baked.

I sewed the muslin around the edge very 'badly' (on purpose!)...I am by no means a sewer, but that is what I love about primitives, everything is so imperfect, so it looks ok if you do it that way! :)

I did not have any type of knob around to use as the handle, so I dug around and ended up fighting with a hanger to get off the metal hook. After about 30 minutes of struggling to get it out of the plastic part of the hanger, then using pliers and a wrench to bend into some kind of shape, I finally got it to a shape I wanted -- bent up and beat up! I tied some more of the grubby muslin around the 'knob' and then I sprinkled cinnamon over everything!
I found a cute pic of a little boy monging on something, so made him as part of a hang tag that I hung from the shoo-fly.
Oh! I also weaved some rusty wire through the screen and added some real rusty bells to the front of the wire. Below is the completed Shoo-Fly!

For my prairie cake I used a loaf pan -- because I wanted a larger cake and had no cute molds in a larger size to use.

By tomorrow (Thursday) I'll be able to melt my wax, add some yummy scent to it then drizzle over my cake! Then I can finally display! So we'll see that tomorrow! Have a great night!

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