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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kitchen Prims

I'd like to share with you some of the fun prims I have in my kitchen! My FAVORITE being my red noodleboard made for me by Ashley @ Ashley's Primitives (http://www.ashleysprimitives.com/).
I ordered one to fit on one side of my stove burners because on the other is a burner cover I got last year from My Adelines Place
and it is handpainted.

My first "Poor Man's Shoo-fly" I made is on the board and under it the first pantry cakes I made. Both were super easy and fun to make! As in an earlier post about my larger "Poor Man's Shoo-fly" I did the same thing except on my first one here used a smaller grill screen and purchased an 'old looking' knob from Home Depot. I added an old hang tag to the screen also.

For the pantry cakes I found 2 cute bundt pans at Michael's crafts and baked them for many hours then drizzeled with melted wax so it looks like icing. I grungied up some cheesecloth and placed the 2 cakes on that with the shoo-fly over them.

I purchased a pack of 4 wooden spoons from the Dollar Store and painted 2 with a coat of black then a red top coat and sanded for a distressed look. I did the same with the 2 other spoons except the opposite with the paint, red undercoat with a black topcoat. I wrapped all 4 spoons up in old looking cheesecloth & jute. Placed an old rusty star in the center and hung a stained hang tag from that.

I love the smell of Almond soap and took a bar and wrapped it in grubby cheesecloth. I then tied both ends with jute and red gingham was tied around the middle of the bar. I pinned on 2 rusty saftey pins to the gingham and stuffed some moss between the bar and the gingham. I display the wrapped soap on my stove in an old strainer I picked up on Ebay.

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