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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sifters, Dolls & Signs ..... Oh My!

I absolutely love grain sifters! I love their rugged, wooden, steel, primness! I purchased 3 off of Ebay that came in 3 different sizes...it was a great deal! The smallest I have in our bedroom. Take a look at my post from July 30th, titled "Meow". You'll see the black kitty I made sitting in the small sifter.
Posted below is the medium size one with my other black kitty doll. I did not make her but purchased from a talented prim doll maker on Ebay. I named her "Mercy". She sits propped in her sifter in our hallway.

Below is the largest of the 3 sifters. Here is my first primitive black doll I purchased...yes again off of Ebay! Her given name is Geralinda and came with her black crow. Isn't she the cutest even though she looks so sad! Geralinda and crow are in our living room in her 'sifter home'.

You've got to see this sign! I was able to design it myself from the store
Here's Your Sign Primitives.
I picked out the size I wanted, the background color, wording and images and their colors. I love how it turned out!

I placed the sign in our living room above the large sifter that holds Geralinda and her crow.

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