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Monday, September 07, 2009

Battery candles....love 'em!

I'm not too much of a fan of lighted flame candles. I think I currently have one. I'm into tartwarmers and electric candles or battery operated ones. The 2 below I purchased as just plain creme colored battery candles, I believe at Michael's Craft store. I grunged each one up with spices and then tied coffee stained cheesecloth to the top of them with rusty wire. I attached a rusty heart to one and the other a rusty star. I took black paint and painted the words "Believe" and "Antiques" on them. The "Antiques" one I have on our kitchen table. I had a prim red candle holder that I tied some homespun to the handle of. In the holder is rosehips fixens with wax stars and right in the middle....the glow of the "Antiques" battery candle!

For the "Believe" one, I put that one onto a simple small tin candle plate. Under the candle is some moss and I display this one on my stove.

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  1. Hi!!!
    I found your blog on jpf forum and love those candles also the slideshow of you and your DH!