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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Freebies! Check them out!

So with my new candle holder purchases I showed in the post previous to this one, I did not mention the "Freebies" I got with them! Isn't it always so extra exciting and special when you open up your package and there are unexpected goodies in there! I love it!
So here is a really cute dishcloth I received from "Back In Tyme Primitives" with my order. The colors totally match my kitchen perfect which is great! She wrapped it in some jute with a rusty bell and a tag!

Also from "Back In Tyme Primitives", I received a rusty old star with some homespun tied to it! I hung it from one of my husband's work of arts! He's a cross stitcher and this one is in our kitchen.

Then from my next order from "The Primitive Country Bug", I received these yummy, grungy candles wrapped in an old flower seed packet!

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