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Friday, September 11, 2009

New Candle Holder Purchases!

I've purchased some new candle holders and am soooo excited!! I used one of my existing battery taper candles to use in the pictures. I need to get to the store to buy some new battery tapers and grunge up for these 3 new holders.
First I have this cool rust one which I've seen around before at other primitive shop sites, and I 'finally' purchased it! In this shot is doesn't show the design that the pattern in the rust should show on the wall...just wasn't dark enough yet, but I was impatient!

This one is my first Hog Scraper candle holder! whoo-hoo! I've added it to the top of my new stacking/nesting boxes. Even though they are 22" tall, I still wanted more height.

This is how the entire 'area' looks then. Sifter with doll, candle and stacking/nesting boxes!

My last new candle holder is a rusty clip on one! What a cool idea! I clipped it to my largest sifter.

Look how cool it looks when lit, I love the images on the wall from the light shining through the sifter's screen!

Oh! I've added 15 new pics to the slideshow on the left side of my blog called "Prim Chicks with Cats". Hover over the pictures and a "magifying glass" will appear so you can get a close up of the pictures!

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