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Monday, September 28, 2009

New Goodies!

Ok, well these are not from a yard or garage sale, or a thrift store, but from Home Goods Store. If you don't know what that is, it's an extension of TJ Maxx. At least here in Utah. I never knew that until I decided to go in there on Sunday to look for a birthday gift. Well, I got the b-day gift plus a bunch of goodies for me!! Which I think the prices were pretty dang good!
So what I got at the Home Goods store are the 2 cutting boards (which I've been looking for some cheap ones because I want to paint and distress them to display in the kitchen.) The 2 you see, one was $4 and the other $6. Then I also got the 2 boxes of flameless candles which were on clearance for $4.00. I love to grunge these up, I prefer flameless candles to real candles. And the last think I got at Home Goods for $5 is the bottom mustard wooden picture. I'm actually going to make a hanging butt'ry out of it....well that is my idea. I've been wanting to make one, and saw this and thought it was the perfect shape and size. The back of it is what will be facing the ceiling and I will place candles and jars on it. Then as it's hanging from rope and you look up at it, you will see the cute prim painting that is on the front side because that side will be hanging downward....does that make sense? I think I'm going to sand it up a bit to distress it because it's a bit too 'perfect' right now. Oh, and I'll have to drill some holes in it to get the rope through....I hope my husband brought his drill to Utah!!
I also stopped at the $ store and grocery shopping at "Harmon's". I got the 2 pillar candles at the $ store...I'm going to grunge those up so I don't care that they have the gold stuff on them. And then to my surprise at the grocery store they had these great braided rugs on clearance for $4!!!! I've been wanting little ones to put under candles and such, but have not made the plunge to buy them online yet....so glad because I found them without having to have them shipped! The first runner is oval and I put on our living room side table which my hubby made. The colors that stood out to me are the blue and red.

The next runner is square and the main colors are green and red so I put that on the nightstand in our bedroom.

Then the last are the round ones....3 of them for $4! I put one on top of my little coffee maker under my cinnabun electric candle.

Another one I put on another kitchen counter under one of my candle burners (don't ya love my rooster....got from Ebay....he's soooo cute!)

The last round one I put on our desk which holds the cool looking retro radio I got my hubby for Christmas....I really love the radio...even though it's not prim...it's just so cute. So on top of it is a round braided rug with my hog scraper candle holder.

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