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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thermostat Box

I haven't showed this yet on my blog and I've had my cute Thermostat cover box for several months now! Ashley at Ashley's Primitives made it for me....see her link on my right side bar. She makes such great things! Any hoots, I've heard things about not covering your thermostat (after I purchased this)and how it won't give an accurate reading if the thermostat is covered. Well we are only temporarily living in our apartment for about another 7 months (it will be 2 years here by then!) and the thermostat in the apartment only is for the heat. We only have a air conditioner in the living room. Soooooo....when we get to go back to our home in the spring, I may not cover the thermostat there with this box....maybe I'll cover the door bell plastic thingy instead! :)

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