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Monday, October 26, 2009


I decided to post my small amount of Halloween decorations. They are all 'smooshed' I feel like in our tiny apartment, so I apologize. But I love them. Now mind you we moved into this small apartment in Utah in April 2008 bringing ZERO holiday decorations. I then discovered the wonders of Ebay to my husband's dismay. That is where I got the majority of my Halloween decos except for the ones I made. I can't wait until we move back into our home in Idaho in the springtime (have to wait until my husband is 6 months out post heart transplant) then I can spread out the decorations and....get more!!!

We have an itty-bitty front porch at our apartment and I tried to decorate it a bit with some decorations and Autumn flowers in my old water can.

My creations....In this great black prim bowl, I have some pumpkins, pears and gourds I grunged up. I draped it with some Fall pipberry and some raffia:

Here it is by candle lite...there is an electric candle I grunged up and placed in the bowl also:

This is my witches hat I did up. I purchased a lime green one with silver stitched spider webs throughout it. I randomly stuck spanish moss on it and then wrapped orange pipberry and candy corn lights around it. I found some cute sparkled metal ornaments of a cat face and a star that reads "Trick or Treat" and hung those on the hat. Around the bottom are some groupings of big candy corns, pumpkins and dried leaves. I then stuffed it so it would stand up straight:

And here are my grungy Halloween hang tags I made.

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