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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can dishes be fun?

Well when I squirt some soap on them out of my newly decorated soap dispenser they are! So yea, in my October 9th post "Disguises for Soap Dispensers" I decorated one for our bathroom and one for kitchen hand soap. Now I did up one for the kitchen dish soap! I used an empty Bath 'N Body works soap dispenser and wrapped red fabric around it. Gave the end of the fabric a little twist and secured it with a few rusty saftey pins. Black gingham homespun went around the neck of the dispenser with a rusty bell and pin. I then double wrapped some red, black and creme homespun around the middle. I took a tiny piece of muslin and hand stitched the word "Dishes" on it and glued it on top of the multi-colored homespun.

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