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Friday, October 09, 2009

Disguises for Soap Dispensers!

So I got rid of my soap tray in the bathroom because all the paint had chipped off in the middle where the soap would be and personally I was sick of looking at the sometimes slimy looking bar of soap lying there! So I bought some 'pump' soap, then hated the ugly 'obvious i'm a plastic soap pump' dispenser. So here below is my solution. First the plain 'ol dispenser:

I took some fabric that was already displayed in the bathroom and cut enough to cover the dispenser. I then wrapped some grungy cheesecloth around the neck to secure the fabric. I wrapped some plaid green fabric around the middle of the dispenser and held the ends together with a couple rusty safety pins. The finished product:

I liked the results so much I did something similar to the kitchen soap dispenser! Before:

For the kitchen one I took some coffee/vanilla/cinnamon stained muslin and draped it around the dispenser. I wrapped some black gingham around the neck and then double wrapped some red gingham around the middle. I added 3 rusty safety pins, 1 to the black gingham and 2 to the middle fabric. Here it is all done!


  1. OMGosh you are so creative!!! Hope you are 2 are doing great!! I will see you soon in class!!

    Love ya

  2. FANTASTIC RESULT !!! I don't like plastic bottles and find your solution really good! Great idea !!!!