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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hanging Butt'ry

I'm so excited! We finished my hanging butt'ry tonight! If you look back at my September 28th post "New Goodies", you'll see in the photo of my purchases a $5 wooden picture I planned to use for my butt'ry. Well it was a cute wooden frame, etc...but 'too' perfect, so I sanded and banged it up a week or so ago!

I then took walnut stain and wiped it over the entire thing, let it sit for awhile, then wiped it off so the stain would stay in all my nicks and dings.

Today, I finally got around to doing my pantry jars. I grunged, grunged, grunged all day today. I did my pantry jars and some electric candles! What a mess, but I always love the smell and how grungy they look!


I am not good with power tools at all, so my hubby drilled the holes into the wooden butt'ry, found a stud in the ceiling and secured the anchor into the ceiling. Then we threaded the rope, a knot here, a knot there and.....it's hanging!!

A close up shot:

Image of wooden picture from underneath, I love it!

Here are some close ups of the finished pantry jars:

I took some pics with no flash so the candle glow would show up. My walls are not yellow, they just turned out this way in the pics below. So here are several shots in candle light:

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  1. Lovely, lovely and perfect job!!! It's sooo cute!!! Great! I like it very much!!!!