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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wax 'Em Up!

Well after work today, I tackled a project I've been wanting to do for awhile now. To grubby up battery candles with wax! I normally do that with mod-podge and spices, but always wanted to attempt doing it with wax. So I did that today!
I had 4 battery tapers to do and 2 battery pillars. I also made up a batch of about 150 grungy tags. Soaked them in my coffee, vanilla and spices recipe then baked.

Here are the 4 tapers I did. I scented my wax with Vanilla Walnut....it smells SOOOOO GOOOOODDD!!!!! This one I coated I believe in nutmeg and it's in a rusty holder in our hallway.

This taper I smothered in cinnamon and put it back where it was (when it was a naked plastic battery taper!) in one of my old sifters with "Geralinda" and her crow.

The 3rd taper I rolled in Cloves and put in my hog scraper holder next to my Witchy Poo. (poor witchy, I've moved her all over this small apartment trying to find the right place for her!)

The last taper I had not had previously out when it was 'naked'. I had special 'plans' for it. So after grungying it up with the scented wax and spices I took one of my rusty springs and put the taper in it. I secured it in the middle with some torn blue fabric and attached a rusty star to it also.

Next came the pillars. I coated this one in nutmeg and cloves. I attached some muslin with the word "Homestead" on it and propped it on an old mason jar lid. Around the mason jar lid, I wrapped some knotted homespun. To try to make the candle not tip off the lid, I wrapped some red checked homespun up from the bottom of the lid over the top of the candle. I also hung one of the tags I grunged from today from the top of the homespun. It reads: "Family". Then a rusty star was attached to the side of the lid. To turn the candle on, I just slide the jar lid a bit from under the candle and flick the switch. With the homespun coming up under it and over the candle, the 2 don't go far from each other.

The same idea was used for this one I made for our bedroom. I covered this one in cinnamon though. The muslin on this candle reads "Kindred Spirits", and my rusty tags reads "Love". A rusty heart was used in place of a star.