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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope EVERYONE has a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorrow! We have sooooo much to be thankful for! Mostly the gift of life my hubby was given on July 12th of this year....his new heart! Jim waited almost 3-1/2 years for this gift....he went through so much and got so sick at the end, but we knew God would give him the gift when he deemed it right. We thank him and the angel donor, who without him, Jim would not have the opportunities in life that now lie ahead of him. We thank the donor's family, what brave people, we love you and hope one day to meet you.

We will be spending Thanksgiving with our friends Devin and Marcia's family. Devin and Marcia live in Boise, but Devin's mom and her hubby are here in Utah, so we were invited there and will see Devin and his family for they will be coming down from Idaho. We are also thankful for such marvelous friends like Devin and Marcia and their family, they are all incredible!

I thought I should post my small amount of Thanksgiving decorations since I'll be taking them down on Friday! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT THE CHRISTMAS DECOS!!! I can't believe I've held off this long, but honestly, I've just been so lazy...blah!!

So enjoy these few pics! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!

This guy has been out since the beginning of fall, but I put a Thanksgiving hang tag I made on him. The tag shows 3 little girls dressed up as pilgrims and I added the date 1621.

This is another one of my 'all fall' decos. It's a prim bowl on my stove and inside is Indian candy corn a candy apple and a candied pear. A autumn hang tag I made show 2 boys in a pumpkin field.

I love my turkeys! I got these off of Ebay and they are so cute and prim! They are placed in an old wire basket, also an Ebay purchase! The hang tag here I made shows kids dressed up like Indians and Pilgrims...yes, I spelled pilgrIms wrong on the tag!

These next two hang tags I made are hanging from rusty springs. The intention was to make Thanksgiving ornies to go in the springs...but I never got around to it...sigh....One hang tag is a beautiful Indian couple and the other is a tiny girl holding a big 'ol turkey!

My kitchen table centerpiece is another old prim bowl filled with grubbied up pumpkins, pears, squashes and gourds I did. I threw in some fall colored silk leaves, raffia and an orange & brown pipberry branch. The orange towel is just a dishtowel I purchased at the $ store! The hang tag is hanging with a piece of jute and grubbied muslin from one of the pears. It has a cute boy in an orchard on it.

The last hang tag I did is a ton of pumpkins displayed out on a table....this hangs from a lighted wine bottle in our kitchen.

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