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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I LOVE Pipberries!

Here are some pics of recent pipberry purchases I did from Ebay stores. The first is from the bedroom...this one looks a bit thin, but I opened it up a bit more than it should to stretch across the entire window.

Here is a close up of it, which has rusty bells & stars through out it....too cute!

This pipberry is on the opposite side wall in the bedroom and is so pretty! I draped it over a prim mirror that reads "Believe" and 2 of my "Prim Framed Art Works" I created. Oh and there is the old wood sifter with the grungy little black cat I made!

It is embellished with barn red and green prim stars. It has the same colored berries in it along with a honey beige.

The rusty red and creme pipberries below are above our living room window. I know, I need to get a rusty star or something to put inbetween them to fill up that empty spot!

I'm so glad I found these because the rusty red exactly matches our couch color. Now mind you, once we move out of this apartment and back into our home in the spring, I'll have all new pics of where I placed the pipberries!

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