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Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Flame!

I so really prefer not burning candles....I think I might have 1 or 2 flame candles I'll burn now and then. I'm always afraid I'll forget they are burning or one of the cats might knock one over. Any hoots, I always love to grunge up candles and use those types instead. Here are some tealights and votives, which are battery operated, that I grubbied up with spices. I love using cinnamon and then cloves give a nice dark appearance while nutmeg gives a lighter shade.
Here are 2 tealights I grunged up, tied some coffee stained cheesecloth around each and secured with a rusty safety pin. I then connected the 2 with more rusty safety pins.

This votive below is really neat. It is battery operated, but if you 'blow' on it...it turns on!! Really cool! So here it is displayed during Halloween. I placed some grubby cheesecloth around the base of it.

For this battery operated votive, after grunging up, I painted a red heart on it. It is placed in a small treen dish that also has some yummy fixens and some old tapers tied together with coffee stained muslin.

This is another votive that after rubbing spices all over, I painted a black prim star on it. It sits in a rusty scoop that is filled with fixens.

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