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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree...no matter how teeny!

So here I am sharing some pics of my prim Christmas decorations which I love! Here is a pic of when you first walk into the apartment. This display is on an old secretary's desk we have. There's an old Christmas card box my MIL gave me, a stuffed santa head with yummy dried sweet annie coming out the top of his hat, the cutest prim elf shoes and our Christmas tree. We did not bring one when moving temporarily here to wait for my hubby's heart transplant. I got this little table top one off of Ebay last year. The seller is a super sweetheart. The tree is in an old enamel pan which I love and there is a prim little snowman head as the topper.

Here is a close up of the old box and the Santa head. The small pillow is a freebie I received with one of my recent Christmas purchases online. It smells yummy and has a pretty glistening angel on it.

These handmade elf shoes I purchased off of Ebay and they are darling. The prim hang tag I made. The pic is a classic one of a boy visiting Santa and his reindeer.

My sis in law Peg is so talented. She makes the most beautiful wreaths. We have a huge one at our Idaho home. Since we didn't bring any holiday decorations to the Utah apartment, she made us a small one and sent it to us last year. The grubby tag I made hanging from it shows these tattered little children sitting by a Christmas tree.

This is my extreme prim Santa wreath...it is soooooooo cool! Again, another great Ebay purchase from a talented crafter!

The counter divider between our kitchen and living room is a fun place to display decorations.

Here is a close up of the hanging stocking. It's extreme prim with moss and grubby snowman and a grungy ol' crow!

On the divider is a prim Santa head I placed in a rusty bed spring.

Mr. and Mrs. "Man", as my hubby calls them, are also on the divider.

My old crate coffee table is given a prim Christmas bowl display. Dried spanish moss fills the black bowl. I have 4 prim trees displayed. They are so neat. Their trunks are real branches and I love the rusty wire with bells draped around them. Christmas 'rock candy' is wrapped in red and green homespun.

An evening view with the candles a-glow.

Here is the tag I made to hang from the bowl...love the old thyme santa on it!

When sitting on the opposite side of the old crate coffee table, there is another sweet annie santa head propped here in the bowl.

Here is my other prim stocking...not an extreme prim, but cute striped fabric, grubby cheesecloth, old key and such make it a great primitive. I put it in one of my other rusty bed springs.

On the grungy 'ol hang tag I wrote 'Be Good'. The old pic has a little girl by her tree with some of her toys including her toy pony.

This rusty screen container (not sure what it had been used for in the past...any ideas??) I put some peppermint ornies...they smell yummy and sparkle with mica! I threw in some more of the Christmas 'rock candy' too.

This is such a great primmed up hang tag! I love the pic I found....have you ever seen a Santa look like this! EEK! But I loved it anyways!


  1. Hi kitty~ everything looks wonderful!!!! Love all your hang tags and those peppermint ornies are awesome, do you make them?

  2. OH WOW!!
    I love it all!!
    But I think the Santa head on the bed spring may be my favorite.
    I just bought one on my trip to TN. He is a little different than yours. Hopefully, I will get around to showing off my new gooides soon!!
    LOVED all your pict's!!

  3. Cute cute cute decorations!!! I love everything!!!!