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Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Crazy Christmas Videos

I can't believe it's the week of Christmas! I have 2 more gifts I would like to get for hubby, then just need to wrap his and the cats gifts. :)
Most of you are probably familiar with the "Jib Jab" site, below are 3 'videos' I made there that I hope will make you laugh! The first one is me as an elf doing a hoe-down, then my hubby Jim singing as an elf, it's hilarious! The 3rd is Jim and I having a snowball fight with 3 other people...they came with the video. :) Click the links below to check each video out. ENJOY!! (pause music player here on blog first)

Kitty as an Elf

Jim as an Elf

Our Snowball Fight!

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  1. ROTFLMBO! How funny are those! Thanks for the smiles, Kitty! Merry Christmas to you, your sweetheart and your furr babies! Happy happy new year as well!! Hugs, Dawn
    P.S. I hear Hardrock, Coco, and Joe AND Suzi Snowflake wish you a MerryChristmas as well. :)