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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Prim Goodies from my Secret Santa!

There was a Secret Santa swap at one of the great primitive forums I belong to J*S*P*F* (Just Simply Prim Friends). I wanted...or HAD to share all the wonderful gifts I received today from my secret Santa who had gotten my name...I just HAD to show ya! I love EVERYTHING and am soooo thankful for all my wonderfully prim gifts below!
So in the pic below, these are my FABULOUS PRIM gifts:
A HUGE plug in tartwarmer (I'm a BIG tart warmer fan & user!), 2 adorable ditty bags (one filled with cute Cmas decos...these are my very 1st ditty bags!), A super prim dishtowel (how cute is that!?), Aged cheesecloth (I love this! looks so nice and grungy!!), Some oh-so-cool "Never Melt Snowballs" (I actually saw a pic of these just the other day and WANTED THEM!!), 2 cute 'lil pantry cakes (so grubby!!!), an adorable stuffed mitten, a "jack frost" tart, 3'gingerspice' votives (all smells sooooo good...can you imagine it! yuummm) and a crow and star hanger (so LOVE crows and stars!!)

Here's the cute kitchen towel hung on one of my cabinet doors:

The plug-in tartwarmer with the 'jack frost' tart in it...yummm!!

Doesn't it look pretty lit up?

I had to show one of the cute bags that had my prim crow/star in...isn't the bag even cute!!??

I hung the crow/star on one of my prim little lights:

Look at these pantry cakes! Placed on the nice and grubby cheesecloth!

I love this Cmas ditty bag! Hung it by some of my white lights!

The other grubby ditty bag is hanging in the dining room/kitchen area:

I put the 'Never Melt Snowballs' and the cute mitten in one of my old metal strainers with some star paper:

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  1. What wonderful gifts!! I'm heading on over to check out who got your name and gave you all those great goodies!! Wasn't that fun?