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Monday, December 28, 2009

Prim "Memories" Box Make-Over

This box below I keep on my jewelry armoire and has everything in it from my old highschool locker padlock to sunglasses to makeup waiting to be opened.

I decided it needed a "PRIM MAKE-OVER"!! First I painted the entire box, inside and out black:

I am fascinated by old pics of the depression era and found this one of children standing on a dilapidated porch. I am assuming they are brothers and sisters. I slid it into the pre-existing picture slot that came on the original box.

I then slightly distressed the box and lid all over with sandpaper:

I painted on the front side of the box in red the word "Memories" with some prim "X's". I added small white dots in the "X"'s:

The top I painted with 4 words: "Family, Love, Live, Faith" and added more prim "X's":

Here is the finished product displayed on my jewelry armoire filled again with all my 'stuff'!