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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Primitive Christmas Gifts

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas! We did! We had both a relaxing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Opening gifts, eating, listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies! I can't believe another Christmas is over and done with!

I wanted to share some of the exciting prim Christmas gifts I got! They are so much fun!

This book I ordered off of A Primitive Journey Community forum that I'm part of. I told my hubby it would be a Christmas gift and I would not look at it until then. So when it arrived in the mail, he hid it away...let me tell you...it is so WONDERFUL!! I've gotten about half way through the book and the photos of these primitive homes are to die for!

I've been wanting a lighted grapevine tree for sometime now. So, as I was doing some Christmas shopping on Ebay, I saw this one, bid on it and won it! So again...told my hubby it will be one of my presents...so when I saw it 'in person' on Christmas, yippeee! It's so cute! The plan is to put it in our laundry room which I want to prim up more once we move back to our home in Idaho in the spring!

And of course I found this gorgeous grubby rooster from one of my fave Ebay sellers. I already have one of her roosters....so...ahemmm...yep, another 'gift from hubby'...hey...I 'thought' I was 'helping' him....errrr....but isn't it cool!?

This old bobbin with thread spools I got from my sis-in-law Jan...I simply love it!

One of my other sis-in-laws, Peg, got me this old antique washboard! It is so grungy and old! I put it in our apartment bathroom for now. Once we get back home, it will be added to the prim decorating in the laundry room!

My good friend Sharon gave me this adorable birdhouse! Check out all the rusty bells, rusty tin roof and more!


  1. Wow, you hit the prim jackpot! I love how you helped hubby out on shopping, how thoughtful of you...LOL!!!!!! Great choices too and that book looks like a treasure trove of wonderful ideas:)

  2. boy,you lucked out. you really got some goodies.i have agrapevine tree,too. i just love it.my husband made it for me about 8 yrs ago. sounds like you had a wonderful christmas. happy new year!!!!

  3. How wonderful! I love all your goodies and how awesome hubby wanted you to have some prim special gifts. I'll bet those pics in the book are so inspiring. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Now onto a bright new year!! Hugs, Dawn

  4. Love all your goodies!! Don't you love it when our hubby's "shop" for us and get us exactly what we want?? LOL!! Happy New Year!

  5. Those are some excellent gifts "hubby" got you!! I have the Judy Condon books and I love them! I'm not sure I have the latest though...hummm, I may NEED to get one!