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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Primitive Glow

I have found a WONDERFUL online Prim shop that I wanted to share. It's called A Primitive Glow . They are located in the mountains of West Virginia. I sure wish I lived in that area, because I would frequent this shop ALOT! I ordered some Cmas gifts online from them. It took quite sometime to get...a month...so I don't know if that is their normal timing or if it's just because of the holidays. But it was worth the wait because the products are wonderful!

Here are pics of some of the things I ordered for myself (HAD to do that!). This is a mason jar with a rusty frog lid filled with 'Christmas Cookie' scent Hips & Sticks:

This is their 'Snow Cream' fixens. I placed them in a cute reddish colored strainer I found at the "Home Goods" store for only $5!

They even sent me some 'freebies' that I was soooo excited about! 2 refresher oils....yummmm!! And a large grubby "chubby" 'Christmas Cookie' candle:

So if you check out the A Primitive Glow site, you can see the other gifts I ordered. Besided the frog lid mason jar Hips & Sticks, I ordered their "Primitive Fixen's 6 Cup Box with Inspirational Label" & "Primitive Fixen's 3 1/2 Cup Bag".

Everything was so carefully packaged and wrapped up safely. I would highly recommend them and look forward to trying their other products.


  1. Those are some great freebies for waiting a month to get your order! I'm gonna check them out after the holidays!! Thanks for the info!

  2. Yummy! that one with the sprinkles looks good enough to eat:)

  3. Hi My name is Nan and I love your blog! Wow A Primitive Glow shop really looks fantastic! I will have to check them out!