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Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 Primitive Oatmeal Soap Balls

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve & a Happy 2010 from here on forward! We had a fun and relaxing evening. We had corn dog appetizers (remember those from when you were a kid?), french bread pizzas and mini eclairs for dessert! We then played some Wii, what a blast we had, watched some TV and I made some oatmeal soap bars, primitive soap labels and then grunged up 2 mason jars that have frog lids.

Here are the oatmeal soap balls I made. I rolled some in cinnamon, some in nutmeg and others in clove. These are just going to be for display. If you add spices such as I did, you should not use them if you get rashes on your skin from the spices. I had already started to get a rash on one of my hands while making them.

I then did up some handmade primitive jar labels. The graphics program I use is Paint Shop Pro.

I sealed the labels to the jar and rubbed one jar with a bit of cinnamon and the other a bit of nutmeg just to give a slight grungy look.

Here is the view of the oatmeal soap bars through the top of the frog lid:

I put one jar in the bathroom on the hanging wall cubby:

The other jar I put in the kitchen sink soap holder:


  1. Those soaps and jars are wonderful! Sounds like you had a fun time:)

  2. Those look great! Where do you get a frog lid? I don't think I've ever seen those before!

  3. cool!! yea,where do you get a "frog" lid?

  4. You always have just the cutest ideas Kitty! I have a couple of frog lids from some vases that would be cute like that. We had a very quiet new years. Hubby and I woke up briefly at midnight and that was that. I've been craving the Salerno butter cookies from when I was little. We always had those on our fingers eating the little petals off. Just stopped by to wish you a happy new year and to tell you you take wonderful pics of your things! Hugs, Dawn