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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aggravation, Delayed Give-A-Way......And then some Prim Eye Candy 4 U

Sorry I have not posted in several days. Our computer has decided to stop working and of course that is where all my pictures I'm needing to post on my blog are at!

I'm typing this off of my DH's school laptop and it's the worst laptop in the world! Never buy a laptop from PC laptops in Utah! Their products, customer service and everything is beyond bad. So I'm attempting to do this post off of this icky laptop with much aggravation! arghhh......

If you have been reading my posts at my other blog ShabbyKat Primitive's Sundries 'N Such you'll note the Give-A-Way I was planning on doing has been delayed due to our computer being down! But you mine as well sign up as a Follower there if you were planning on participatng in the Give-A-Way, because we always know that is a Give-A-Way rule! As soon as that dang computer is working again, the Give-A-Way info and pics will be posted.

So since I don't have any of my own pics to post, I found some Prim Eye Candy for you to oggle over.....Enjoy!

ps... I hope to post again soon....if we get the computer fixed....this laptop is the pits!

Pictures courtesy of The Rusty Bucket


  1. Everything is soooo pretty!! I Love it all!!


  2. Kitty~ LOVE the eye candy, and going to your other blog right now:D