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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Homespun White Lights

First of all I LOVE white lights! I keep them out all year round! I have a fake potted tree on our front porch (it looks real though...it's wispy) and I have white lights on that. Going up our staircase inside there are white lights draped in sheer fabric, which when we get back home in April, I will take pics to show you! yea!

So the project I worked on yesterday was wrapping pieces of homespun around the cords of my existing bare white lights.

The photo below shows a homespun white light draped around my kitchen sink wreath. This homespun white lights I purchased about 2 years ago. Just recently the strand blew out and after checking each light, no luck. So I thought I'll just put the fabric on a new strand! Welllll..duh, of course I had NO idea how it was put together and did not like the fact when I found out I had to untie each piece of separate homespun to get off of the blown out strand & then to tie each piece onto a new strand! (honestly, how I thought the homespun was attached...I really have no idea!!) Then my hubby says...mind you when I'm all done..."You could have just replaced each bulb instead of un-tieing each piece of fabric." So then comes my Charlie Brown yell "ARRGGHHHH!!!" But it all worked out because I found out how these are made and then wanted to make my own!

So now here are the 2 I worked on yesterday. First my living room one. Here is a before pic of the plain strand of lights:

Here is all the fabric I had chosen to use all cut up into pieces. I chose a light blue print, a red & white gingham and some muslin. I did not measure them, most are around the same length and width. I just 'eyeballed' when ripping them...I did not want them to be 'perfect':

I'm making progress!

Here it is finished and hung up!

If you notice, I 'dressed' the little angel doll (in the 'plain' lights photo..she's naked!). I had received her as a gift from a prim friend and just decided to make her some clothes while I was playing with fabric! I made her a little hang tag too with her name "Angel" and, I don't believe you can see, but made a little halo with rusty wire and it has a few rusty bells on it.

The 2nd strand I made I hung up in our bedroom. Here are the colors I had chosen for this one: red, a printed dark green and a printed brown fabric:

My fingers were aching by this point...what exercise! ha-ha!

I draped the homespun white lights around an existing pipberry garland above the bedroom window. Here is the before pic...kind of bland:

Here is the 'after' result:

And a close up of the lights and homespun, I think the colors are very 'warm' feeling:


  1. I love those. I stocked up on 20 light strands at Wal Mart after Christmas. I only paid .37 cents for each box!! Can't beat that! I may give this a try with a couple of them. I think they would look great wrapped around a plain grapevine wreath and then adorned with grungy hang tags, don't you? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good morning and Thank you for sharing and helping me. I wanted to add something to my lights in my craft booth to make the Christmas seem like Valentines. Why didn't I think of that? Just some homespun bows (I won't wrap so I can change.) I love white lights too.

  3. Another fabulous Kitty creation! Love those. It warms them up don't you think? Hugs, Dawn

  4. what a different idea! i've never seen that before.i'll have to try that.