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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lotion Jar Re-Do

I had purchased this 'mason jar' lotion dispenser a few years ago. It never really worked well pumping the lotion out, so then I tried it with anti-bacterial gel and that worked until about 1/2 was left in the jar, then the pump again would not work.

I first broke off the pump dispenser and then removed the homspun wrapped around the neck of the jar and the brown star that read 'Lotion'. I grunged up the jar with mod podge and cinnamon then sealed.

I painted the lid and the star all black:

On the black star I wrote the word 'Suds' and framed the star with little dots:

To cover up the hole, from where the old pump dispenser was, I placed a rusty star I had from my craft supplies:

I found a cute old vintage picture of a laundry truck with a little girl sitting behind the steering wheel. I added that to the front of my "new" jar:

I added some different homespun around the neck of the jar (green) with the painted 'Suds' star and added a rusty bell and a couple rusty safety pins. Then on went the black lid with the rusty star!

When we get back to our home in Idaho this spring, I'm going to put this jar in the laundry room which I plan to prim up more than it was before we left 2 years ago!


  1. Hi Kitty~ I LOVE that!!! I have one of those soap dispensers too and the pump works but you only get a tiny amount of soap which I hate. How exciting to be heading back home soon and you will have so much primming up to do ;)

  2. I love it!!! but then again I love everything you do!!
    Thanks for showing us!!
    The Prim Patch

  3. Hi Kitty! I really love your "new" suds jar that you made!! You are sooo creative!! I get so discouraged when those pumps just don't work right!
    Have a great day!

  4. that was really interesting, especially the grunging process. You have lots of good ideas!

  5. Kitty....I love your little soap jar makeover. Love the grunge on the jar....you'll have to tell me your secret....mine don't turn out that well. The label is also a great addtion to the jar.

    Love your blog!

    Teri from J*S*P*F