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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Making a Small Kitchen Prim

Since we have been renting for almost the last 2 years, we've had to adjust to a VERY small kitchen. Our kitchen in our Idaho home is so nice and I miss it so!
We will be returning there at the end of March since it is now ok for my post-transplant hubby to return home! Yippeee! But in the meantime, I adjusted to the tiny kitchen and tried over the last 2 years to make it 'prim'. Here are some of the little ideas I incorporated:

I love these and purchased them from Ashley's Primitives . She has a variety of braided rugs for great prices! Some dishtowels were added to the stove handle and cinched in the middle with some homespun. These really add to the 'prim' look.

This great bench I also purchased through Ashley's Primitives. I told her what I wanted and she designed it to my specifications. She now fully sells these on her site. The cute Annie doll I got for a clearance price at Back In Thyme Primitives. I think when we get home she may have a different spot to live besides the kitchen, but not sure where.

I acquired a few prims for my stove which include a noodle board (yes, an Ashley's Primitives purchase!), old strainer and a coffee pot (from Ebay). On the top of the stove is some rolled up dishclothes with a prim tag and rusty bells. Some grubby battery tealights I made are wrapped with aged cheesecloth and connected by a row of rusty safety pins.

I had made some grubby tapers & wrapped in homespun. I waxed a pillar candle and inserted a grubbed battery candle into it. I then wrapped aged cheesecloth, homespun, jute and rusty bells around the pillar.

I also painted and distressed up some wooden spoons and secured those together with cheesecloth. I glued a rusty star to them and added a prim hangtag. Inside the old strainer is some grubby waxed clothespins I made up and 2 of my prim soap bars. One is painted black and sprinkled with spices. Red gingham is wrapped around it and secured with rusty safety pins. The other soap is an almond bar wrapped in cheesecloth, homespun and a bit green moss. The 'believe' candle is also battery operated. It has been covered with spices and the word was painted on. I placed it in a rusty candle plate with some spanish moss placed under the candle. Lastly is my poor-boy shoo fly, hangtag and pantry cakes I made.

Since I have many candles on the stove, here it is lit up by 'candle light'.

The only thing I may change when we get home is retire the painted stove grate covers (seen on the left side of the stove...I brought those out with us when we had to 'temporarily' move to the apartment here in Utah) and get a much bigger noodle board to cover the entire stove top. I then may take the red noodle board and use it on the counter top of our bathroom vanity or paint it and use on the top of my washing machine in our laundry room to display some fun primitive items. hmmmmmm...decisions!

By adding a small braided rug to the kitchen counter, it instantly said 'primitive'. I primmed up a picture frame of me and my hubby by adding a rusty heart, homespun, button and a hangtag I made with a vintage couple on it. A small tart burner (one of my many!) adds yummy scents throughout the small apartment.

On the other side of our picture frame I have a really cute reddish strainer that I filled with fixens. Under it is a candle wreath with small blocks of words that read "Simplify", "Believe" and "Wishes".

This is the one 'real' candle I have. I don't have alot because I'm always afraid of a fire. Plus I melt so many tarts that I don't think I need alot of burning candles too. So what I did here was take a mason jar tartwarmer I had and turned it into a 'candle holder' instead. The insert for where the tarts would melt, got all chipped up inside (no idea how!) and the tarts would just not fully melt in it anymore. I received this OH-SO-YUMMY 'chubbie' candle as a 'freebie' from A Primitive Glow when I ordered Christmas gifts from them. Let me tell you it is DELICIOUS smelling! It is their 'Christmas Cookie' scent in case you order from them. I recently ordered more "chubbies" from them and this is where they will be burnt....in my converted mason jar tart warmer a.k.a. 'candle holder'!

I soooooo can't wait to get back to our home in Idaho and finish primming up that kitchen! I had just started getting into primitive decorating when we had to move. So stay tuned for pictures of that this spring!


  1. Love the tour of all your awesome goodies! I just got my first purchase from Ashley's Primitives. I got a blanket crane (or quilt rack as she calls it) and I love it! I had to have her make it a few inches shorter and it was no problem! Great place! I can't wait to see your pics when you get back home!

  2. oh I so want one of her blanket cranes! Lucky you Robyn!!

  3. Oh my gosh Kitty, everything is "primtastic"! I love your stovetop and I will have to go check out Ashley's primitives for sure!!!! I'm glad your hubby is well enough to go home soon and can't wait to see your house there:) Enjoy your day !!!

  4. I am happy for you that you will be going home and your husband is doing well too.

    You have proven that you can really bloom where you are planted. Best wishes to you.

  5. Great prim displays! Good to hear your DH is doing well and you're ready to get home - that's where the heart is after all!
    I love Ashley's prims too! Best wishes,

  6. Now how cute you have made your rental. That takes a real talent! It is so snug and cozy!

  7. i love your stove top. very,very nice!

  8. Love all of your great goodies ! I really enjoyed taking a peek at how you have primmed up your apt. ! I bet you are getting excited to go home.