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Friday, January 08, 2010

A Post-Holiday Prim Re-Arrange

So after taking down all the Christmas decorations a week or so ago, instead of putting back some of my 'everyday prim' things where they were before, I changed things up. So let me share!

This stack of cool prim bowls, I normally kept the white and black ones up above my kitchen cabinets and only used during holidays to put bowl fillers and ornies in. I recently read (and forgive me I don't recall where!) that adding height to certain things in your room with prim items is a great way to add to your primitive decor.
So I now have the black, white and an existing red bowl piled high with my star plate that holds the Sugar Cone I made and grungy tapers on my kitchen table:

My wonderful prim rooster I got for Cmas, I did not want to put in my kitchen with my other prim rooster I have. That is not the look I was going for in my kitchen...roosters, plus there's no room in there for him! ha-ha! Our apartment is so small, i'm running out of places for things, so I propped him up on the box that covers the thermostat. I think he'll do fine here until we move back to our Idaho home in the spring and I'll have alot more places I can choose to put him.

Here it is just in 'candle light'

The little wire basket shown below that is on top of my prim sieve....that's another item I normally just displayed during the holidays with holiday goodies in it. But I like it so much, I decided to keep it out this time. I put a bit of fixens in it and a battery operated grubby small pillar candle I had done up. Around the bottom of the candle some grungy cheesecloth is wrapped. I propped it up on the sieve to give a bit more light to the sieve and "Mercy" the cat that sits in it.

On the old secretary desk we have, I put my new grapevine tree on that I got for Christmas. I kept our wedding pic on the desk and the candle warmer and plate, but switched them up from where they were on the desk before the holidays.

It's funny how bare things look after all the Cmas decorations are taken down. This is the little divider between the kitchen and the living room that I had primitive Christmas decorations on. The only thing different I did here is the 2 black bobbins with the grubby battery votives, those used to be in the kitchen and now they are up on this divider. And, it's hard to see, but I left the 2 rusty springs on the divider that I had propped Cmas decos in as make-dos. I planned on putting something 'everyday prim' into them, but don't have anything at this point. Hmmmm...does that call for more Ebay shopping??

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love all your rearranging. You have some great displays!

  2. Hey Kitty thanks for the compliment and birthday wishes! I love your thermostate cover. Have a wonderful weekend Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl..Snatch JOY!

  3. Everything is sooo adorable!!!
    ...and WOW: I like the new "dress" of your blog!!! Very very nice!
    Ciao and have a nice week end!

  4. Everything looks fantastic ~ as always! Would you mind telling me how to make one of those sugar cones? I just love it! And I also love your new background ~ so pretty!

  5. I love the new look!! Im going to have to make it down to the big city before you move back up north.. Miss seeing you all.. If I dont make it to the meetings we will maybe have to do lnch one day?! Glad to see you and Jim are doing good.. It so exciting to get to move back home.. Im so happy for you two

  6. Hi Kitty~ everything looks GREAT;) I love your prim rooster and Mercy cat, how cute they are! Hope your having a primtastic day!