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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Small, Prim-ish Bath.....

So we have 1 small bath in the apartment we have been renting for almost the last 2 years. Our home in Idaho that we will be going back to in 2 months has 2.5 baths so a big difference. I barely brought any decorations from the home, because we never dreamed we would have to live out of state for as long as we have. So I ended up 'acquiring' some cute things and making some prims for the apartment bathroom. Maybe these ideas can help others looking for some primitive ideas for their bathrooms!

So here is the bathroom....the shower curtain looks so short because I did not bring one out here and did not want to purchase one, so I used 2 blue curtain panels I was not using at the house and used those. I connected the panels in the middle with green and purple buttons with safety pins. I also tied purple fabric pieces around each loop at the top of the curtain. I did buy the inside shower curtain, but only paid a dollar since I bought it at the Dollar Tree Store!

The part of the toilet seat you see, I did bring with us! I had just ordered it before we moved from "My Adeline's Place". So I wanted to use it and brought it with! :). The purple basket I had just gotten for Easter from my mom after we moved...I think it was filled with bath products. I put a green gingham cloth in it with matching buttons on 2 corners like on the shower curtain. The "Antiques" sign I brought from home, it was in our bedroom there. I purchased off of Ebay (which I found & became addicted to while living here in the apartment!!) the green pip berry wreath and I handmade the prim hang tag hanging from it.

One of the things in the basket, beside toilet paper rolls and kleenex is the Oh-So-Yummy spray I found at "Big Lots". It's Vanilla Cream scent and is absolutely delicious!!

Here are 2 pics of the prim hang tag hanging from the green pip berry wreath (It's actually a different one than shown in the pic above...I decided I didn't like the one in the pic above so made this new one)

On the sink I have this cute little noodleboard. It's very dark green and I had it made to size by Ashley at Ashley's Primitives. On the noodleboard I have the prim toothbrush holder I made, the fabric covered soap dispenser I did up, the cute green mason jar I got off of Ebay and I filled it with our swabs. I burn my homemade tarts in the tartwarmer that yes, got off of Ebay!

On the other side of the sink is my "Sundries" enamel bowl I brought from our home's 1/2 bath. I put purple matching fabric from what I covered the soap dispenser in into the bowl. I filled it with bath products like lotions, body butters and sprays. Behind it is the antique washboard I got this Christmas from my sister-in-law Peg.

On the wall to the left of the sink I have my hanging praire dress I made. It's branch hanger is hanging from a white hook that I had at home in our master bedroom bath. I tied a purple piece of fabric around the hook...the same kind that I have wrapped at the top of the shower curtain. The plug-in tartwarmer was in our laundry room at home, and I brought that to add to the yummy tart smells in this room. The cute "Button 'n Such" sign is one of my first Ebay purchases I made out here at the apartment. If you can see, I have some purple and cream pip berry garland going across the top of the bathroom mirror. I got that at a cute little shop out here in Utah.

In front of the sink and toilet area is this distressed white shelf. This was in our living room at the house. I have books on the bottom shelf, a small enamel bowl that reads "Soap" on the middle shelf. I have filled it with fixens that have little clothespins in it. On the very top shelf I have an old mason jar filled with cotton balls. Next to the jar is a little black plate that has the grubby chocolate spice tapers I made. They are wrapped with jute and a prim pick of a little boy shaving. There is also a purple bar of soap that I adhered an old ad to that speaks about Baths and Lavatories. The bar of soap is also wrapped in jute. Under both of them is some aged cheesecloth. The cute braided rug next to the shelf is from Ashley's Primitives and there is a matching one in front of the sink.

Above the distressed white shelf is a cubby hanging on the wall from Ebay. I have alot of fun goodies in and on this one! The first cubby hole has some pf my prim bars of soap, then some washclothes wrapped in raffia and then the grubby waxed clothespins I make. On top is a cute gameboard & dark green pip berry tree both I got off of good 'ol Ebay. Then the frog lid mason jar with my oatmeal soap balls and prim label I did up. The last is an old bobbin I brought from home and I made a prim hangtag for it. It shows an old time pic of a lady by a tub. I wrote the words "Bath Time" on the tag.


  1. Hi Kitty~ I LOVE IT! How cute and prim you've made that bathroom and I bet it smells wonderful with your tart warmer and soaps and candles in there ;)

  2. For a smallish bath, you have filled it with wonderful items. I would love a washboard like yours. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kitty, I love your bathroom! You have it decorated so pretty!! I bet it does smell wonderfully with your tart warmer, candles, & soaps that you have in there!

    I have a small bathroom too, but it sure doesn't look as pretty and cozy as yours does!! You've done a beautiful job!! Thank you so much for sharing!


  4. Kitty the bathroom looks so cute. Kay

  5. Kitty I love your bathroom ! You are so talented .