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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MakeDo Chair

I've had this old small 'cat chair' for about 10 years. I Finally decided to retire it and make something prim outta him! So here is my version of a MakeDo Chair. Here is Mr. Kitty chair "before":

First I took off his tail, his arms and whiskers, then the homespun bow around his neck and the little red wooden heart.

I then took cardboard off of a flower box I had and used a piece of that to make the back and the top of the chair tall & square:

I measured and cut other pieces of the box to make the complete top and sides of the chair and hot glued all into place:

Next I filled up the holes with hot glue. These holes are where the arms of the chair used to be posted into. I painted the seat a nice prim black.

I took clumps of polyfil and hot glued them all over the back of the chair. This was to make it 'comfy' looking for when I attach the muslin fabric over it.

Now time to sew! If you read my blog, you know in several post I declare not to be a good sewer, but I just do what I can. So I took a piece of muslin and tucked in where it needed to be, then I took a big 'ol needle and sewed it in place. I give you permission to laugh, especially the pic of the back of the chair! But I'll put it against a wall anyways! Tee-hee!

I took the piece of homespun the cat chair had around his neck and tied it around the bottom of the chair, just above the seat. The red wooden heart, I glued near the top of the chair...and it's done!

I eventually want to make a Prairie Doll to sit in the chair. I've had her pattern cut out for months now....just have not made....ya know...it's a sewing project! But when I do, she'll have her own little chair now!


  1. Hi Kitty!!!! HOW CUTE is that?! I love that, how creative! Hope all is well in your world and hope your staying warm:)

  2. This has a really tall back, so depending on the size of your doll, you could have her stand and another small one sit maybe. I love make-overs and you did good,a mini wingback, I like it much better. Show it again when you finish your prairie doll. Just start sewing, it's easy, really.

  3. Love your make-do chair...thanks so much for showing us the steps you took to get it there.
    Very creative!!!
    The Prim Patch

  4. Oh Kitty, It turned out really cute. Great job!