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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Misc. Prims & Stuff......

Hi Prim lovers! This is just a post to share a few of my 'miscellaneous' primitives. The first is an Ebay win, an extremely cute, long checker board sign that reads "Olde Star Quilts".

Next is ANOTHER Ebay purchase. A reproduction of an old candle mold. The color is very cool, it's aged tin with a bit of green patina throughout. It came with the 3 grubby candles and the rusty wire, key, stars & 1776 hangtag.

The next two, I guess are not 'prims' but 2 of my 4 lovable kittys. The first 2 pics is of my boy Simba. He is truly my soulmate, always by mommmy's side. I loved the way he looked in the glow of my little prim lamp.

Here is our biggest kitty and our 2nd to youngest, even though she will be turning 10 next month. This is Bella investigating an empty 12 pack Coke box. She likes to attempt to get into things that only her tiny head could possibly ever fit in and not her 18lb. body!

This will be my last post for about a week. I need to get prepared for our trip up to Boise, Idaho this weekend to visit our home we have not been back to in nearly 2 years!! We are going to clean and restock the fridge and stuff in preparation for our March 27th move back home!!

For those of you that don't know, we had to move to Utah in April of 2008 to prepare for my hubby to have a heart transplant (they do not do them in Idaho). At that point he had already been waiting a year on the transplant list. The surgeons felt it best in April 2008 we move closer to the hospital. So off we moved with our 4 cats to Utah to a 1 bedroom apartment!! We then waited, and waited and waited and could not go further than 1 hour from the hospital in case we got the call a matching heart had arrived for Jim.

Jim got weaker and more sick over the next year and in May of 2009 he went into the hospital and this time, did not come out. Over the 2008 year we had plenty of trips to the ER and overnight stays in the hospital due to complications of Jim's failing heart. When admitted in May of 2009 he stayed in intensive care until, by the Grace of God and the generosity of an organ donor and their family, Jim received his life saving transplant. A new healthy heart on July 12th 2009. Jim remained sedated for 2 weeks post transplant, that probably was the worst part, all I wanted was for him to wake up to talk to him. After slowly being weaned off of the sedation, he remained in post surgical intensive care for another week. He then was moved to the regular cardiac floor, but at this point still could not stand or walk by himself, his body was so decompensated from being in a hospital bed since May. He was on this floor another week and then moved to In House Rehab to regain his strength. It's incredible to think back now of him on the In House Rehab floor going from a wheel chair, to a walker to walking by himself. After a little over a week on the In House Rehab floor, he was finally able to come home & that was in August !!

Now nearly 8 months later, Jim is a brand new man! He endured 3x's a week of Cardiac Rehab for 5 months.....he would go to that and it helped also in regaining his strength and muscles. He went from walking a few minutes on the treadmill to doing nearly 2 hours of exercise each session filled with treadmill, weights and the elliptical machine! Since Jim is now back to working nearly fulltime (30 hours a week) remotely from the rented apartment here in Utah, he can't make it to Cardiac Rehab anymore ontime. Jim feels he still has some what to go to get to 100% but it is amazing, truly a miracle to see how far he has come, how healthy he is and I am so very, very, very thankful and grateful to God and the donor, who I call our angel and their very generous family. There are no words that we could ever express to let them know how much this has been appreciated.

If you are interested in knowing more about Jim, the heart condition he was born with and his journey to transplantation, please visit him at Jim's Site.

I'll be back next week to post!


  1. Oh Kitty, I had no idea. I'm so happy he's doin so well. What a journey and what a BLESSING :)

    ~Always Believe~ in Miracles ;)
    My best to you both♥

  2. Kitty, what an amazing story and THANK GOD your hubby got the transplant, I can't imagine what you both have been through but I'm SO happy for the way it has turned out!!!!! Your kitties are so precious:)

  3. Kitty I am so happy that you were blessed with this miracle ! What an amazing story and what an amazingly strong woman you are and a blessing to Jim. May you both be continually blessed with good health .

  4. What a horrible ordeal to be on pins and needles for that long.
    Thank God it all worked out for you and your husband.
    Bless you both...you deserve the best there is.
    Hugs, Karen