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Monday, March 22, 2010

My Favorite Prim Piece

I love this old wooden crate we use as a coffee table. I purchased it from an antique dealer off of Ebay, it was my birthday present in 2009.

The top you see is actually the bottom of the crate. The top is open, but we use it upside down as the antique dealer displayed it this way at her store on Ebay.

The crate is from an old mill out East. The bottom (which we use as the top of the table) was the part of the crate that would slide through the warehouse with the product it carried inside of the crate. I believe it carried some sort of spindles.

We currently have it in our living room at the apartment we've been renting in Utah. We move back to our home this Saturday and when the table gets there....hmmmm...it will either go in our family room or in our bedroom's sitting area.

Some of the fun primitive things I added to display on the crate table is a "SIMPLIFY" table runner, a scoop with rosehips and a battery lighted votive candle, a old wire bowl filled with potpourri, grubby tapers and a small wooden "Family" sign and a distressed frame with one of my grubbed up candles on it. Here it is with just the candle light:

Here are close ups of each of the primitive items:


  1. Your little turquoise distressed frame is teriffic!

  2. love your coffee table and display

  3. You certainly have given this old box new life in your home. It looks beautiful amongst your goodies.