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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doing The Happy Prim Dance!

Yippee....I've been able to purchase some of the things I've been wanting!!! My poor hubby was probably tired of seeing me pout!! I'm such a brat...that is not good! I certainly need to work on that!

I was able to purchase 2 sets of curtains, some braided rugs and a shower curtain for the guest bathroom I'm re-doing!



I decided on a different one then the one I had put in the post below. I was going to redo the guest bath in dark green, beiges and browns, but decided to go with dark green, beige and mustard!

Here are the shower hooks I got:

I also didn't have braided rugs on my wish list in the post below...but realized I needed bath rugs for the Guest Bath redo, so I ordered these which are mustard and beige-ish:

I had 2 of this pattern rug in our kitchen in the Utah apartment and decided to put them in our master bath here at our home which is black, red and green. But since I only had 2, one for in front of the shower and one for in front of a sink....I needed 1 more for in front of the other sink.

So yes, you guessed right....since I am moving the old kitchen rugs to our master bath, I now was in need of kitchen rugs! So I got 3 of the ones below...1 for in front of the sink, 1 for in front of the stove and 1 for in front of the back doors. Our kitchen is in black/red.


  1. I just love everything, you sure have great taste!!!! Enjoy your new prims!!! Hugs,

  2. I am LOVING those curtains Kitty! The rugs are wonderful too and sounds like you are having FUN decorating:) WELCOME HOME!

  3. so glad you got to get some prim stuff :) It will be gorgeous!!! Please post pics when you have it all put up will you - can't wait to see!! :)

  4. OMGosh Kitty....I am so HAPPY for you!!
    So...is that the trick I need to use...pout alot??!! Believe me you...I'm gonna try it!! (wink wink)LOL

    I adore your cutains....both sets....and that beautiful mustard shower curtain & hooks!! LOVE those braided rugs....all of them!!

    How fun!! Keep on poutin' Kitty!!


  5. OOOooooohhhhh I just love what you have picked out! A little pouting keeps your sweetie on his toes LOL! I think the colors are amazing. I'm so thrilled for you to have these treasures to feather your nest. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!!
    Keep lots of hugs and keep primtastic! Dawn