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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When I Wish Upon A Prim Star............

Ok, so I'm being all down on myself. After moving back home a couple of weeks ago, after being gone from the house for 2 years, there is so much I see that I would like to paint, replace or get. The problem? Hubby is putting the 'kibosh' on me getting anything that I guess he deems 'not needed'. I love my man, but his needs are definetly different than mine!

We got into a stupid disagreement the other night about me wanting to get new curtains for the living room and replacing the curtains in our craft/Americana room because when I recently washed the ones that had been up there for 5 years, one of the panels busted apart. :(

I'm probably just being a brat, but I'm so excited to be home and to decorate 'OUR HOME" again, that that is what I want to do....and do alot of!

I 'eventually' would like to get new living room furniture, but considering it's Johnston Benchworks or similar, that will be very pricey....so I'm sure it will be quite some time before we get that.

So below are all the things I'm 'wishing' for....someday.....


Here are the ones I would love to get for the replacement of the busted curtains in our craft/Americana room which of course is red, white and blue:

They have a mini red and white check pattern....here is a close-up:

Here are the ones I would love for the living room, I think they would go with about any kind of decor & colors:

A close-up of the calico print on the curtains:

I would love to put some prim curtains up in the laundry room to hide the open storage shelf we have where you see all the detergents, mop bucket, rags...etc. and also to hide the pole that goes across & above the washer/dryer where we store our hangers. If I could, I would get these for this purpose:

I think this valance would look super cute in our office. We have mostly black/browns in our office and we have brown vertical wood blinds that match the lighter color in this valance, it's a "Lover's Knot" patten.

Our family room curtains I would also like to replace one day. Right now we have a creme colored, kinda puffy roman shade kinda curtain. I would so love something with a different design and color, here's what I would love:

I think I would go with a different pattern though, I was thinking this red ticking one:

Here is the style of Johnston Benchworks furniture I would love one day for our living room. Probably not these patterns, but the styles are "Walkers Ford". Here is the Settle:

And here is the Wing Chair:

We currently don't have any soap dishes for our master bath sink. I found this style online and liked the rustic look...I would take off the little flower thingy though....

Our guest bathroom had an 'apple' theme in it for 5 years, prior to that the apples were in bedrooms in 3 different houses...a total of about 12 years all together! So I have officially retired the apples! I am going with a primitive green, brown and beige decor now. I have alot already that I am just taking from other rooms in those colors that I can put in the bath (like a willow tree, candles, prim pics), but I do need a shower curtain, rugs and a couple new towels. I think I kind of like this shower curtain....it has green, brown and beige in it...the exact colors I need!

I have a list of things I would love to repaint from the coffee table in our living room, the wooden stereo cabinet & cd holder also in the living room, the coffee and end table in our family room, our kitchen table and chairs, etc.....Here are some of the distressed paint colors I would love to use:

Navy/Black distressed -

Olde Mustard/Black distressed -

Barn Red/Black distressed -

Here are a few more items on my "wish list":

Tall Stacking Boxes -

Red and Black Kitchen Light -

Mat For Inside Our Back Door -

Pip Berries...I Love! I would love some for our office, fireplace mantel, laundry room, Americana room, guest bath and the upstairs hall....I think that's it!

I would love about 3 big red barn stars for the front of our house to go with our red front door. Then I would like some little to medium size ones for inside the house....mostly to cover up country cut-out hearts I have on some of my wooden pieces.


  1. I have been accused of being a bit of a brat on occassion! I understand totally. I am sure you are so excited to be home and just want to make it *home* again! Maybe you can convince him a little at a time is a good thing! Good luck and I love the colors you are choosing!

  2. you have beautiful taste! I love everything!! :) Can't wait to see when you get it in your house - take pictures please! :)

  3. Love everything that you selected. Nice items, love the curtains too. Good luck with your DH!!!

  4. k Kitty Imma hafta copy that wish list and show to my Hubbs lol cause i just loveeeee everything you chose ! Now where's that charge card ??? hehehehe

  5. I understand your frustration Kitty!!
    I think my WISH list is just as long as yours!! Sometimes we have to just make-do (wink wink) Just slip some things in there a little at a time...half the time my hubs doesn't even notice!! LOL

    Love everyhting your wanting to get and the colors are awesome!!


  6. Love those curtains! I hope you cna get them!