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Friday, May 28, 2010

Laundry Room Jar Re-Do

I had this tall glass jar with a cork lid for the longest time. I finally decided what I wanted to do with it. Since I decided to 'prim up' our laundry room, I incorporated the jar into it!

Here is the plain jar and I filled it 1/2 way with detergent. The jar already had some rust markings down the one side, so I liked that look.

I took some homespun fabric in navy blue with white stars and wrapped it around the cork lid.

I wrapped the middle of the jar with grubby cheesecloth and made a hangtag that reads "Washing Soda"

And here is the finished product displayed in my laundry room!


  1. How cute!! Love the other jar next to it too! Great job...love your laundry room!

  2. Cute as can be - love the label. Have a great holiday weekend, Dawn

  3. I love your jar Kitty! It will look great in your re-done laundry room! You are very creative!

  4. Love the jars, the cookies cutters, and the cats! My blog is full of pics of my cats and some of their stories. So glad I found your blog. It's the cats' meow!

  5. What a great idea for keeping your laundry soap. Looks great!