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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Old Cookie Cutters

I won 2 bids on Ebay for old cookie cutters. I love the ones with the red handles the most.

I had an old jar that had a wooden 'apple' lid. I got rid of the lid and used the jar for the old cookie cutters!

I put some grubby cheesecloth over the open hole and tied it with some jute.

I grubbed up a round hang tag and wrote 'old cookie cutters' on it.


  1. I love old cookie cutter and I collect them too. I have mine in my dough bowl on the kitchen table but I jar would be good! Then I wouldnt have to wash them every time I want to use them!

  2. Those are wonderful cookie cutters!! I collect them to & store them in big glass jars. I love how you put the cheesecloth over the top with your tag. Really gives it the vintage feeling ♥ I agree that the red handled ones are really special.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Looks great Kitty! I have tons of old cutters. I have a HUGE old pickle jar that I put mine in. I do pull some out seasonally and put in a bowl or a cutlery box for display. I love to collect rabbits and hearts. I love the looks of yours in the old jar. The cheesecloth and hangtag make it so prim!
    Hugs, Jayne

  4. Love your cookie cutters!! I have just a handful in an old yelloware batter bowl. Lucky you to win them on eBay! Great idea to put the cheese cloth over the jar, so prim!

  5. Love your new/old cutters. Wonderfully displayed in that jar. Great idea to use the cheesecloth. I have jars that i am not fond of there newer lids. You have inspired me today Kitty!!
    Hugs 2 U , Misi