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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Primitive wins, gifts and swaps!

I wanted to share the prim goodies I have received!! They are all sooooooo wonderful!!!

First I had won these gifts for winning BINGO at the Crow's Creek Primitives Primitive Gathering Forum. Look how pretty everything was wrapped!

Next are some FABULOUS prims from my friend Kristy, the owner of The Olde River Road Primitive Forum. Kristy sent me all of these gifts for making some banners and icons for her forum...I could not believe it, she sent me so much and she so knows my taste!!

This wonderful coverlet covers up a so-not-prim leather chair in our loft!

Look at these adorable hang tags! I hung them on my kitty bookends!

A wonderfully prim stitched pillow!

Love this prim cat, my hubby named him "Blue"

Errrrr....miss Juju is not digg'in Blue....

My favorite, Kristy makes these ditty bags herself. They are soooo primtastic and smell wonderful!!

Here are pics of some swaps I received some great prims from that I haven't posted yet.

Prim Pals Primitive Forum Garden Swap:

Crow's Creek Primitives Primitive Gathering Forum Outdoor Swap:

An adorable "Cat" Garden Flag:

A very prim crow plant stake:

The Olde River Road Primitive Forum Summer Swap:

Wrapped nice and prim!


  1. Hi Kitty! Been missing you sweetie! You sure got ALOT of good things there, wow! Love it all and hope you have been enjoying the summer and staying cool:)

  2. Wow...love all the goodies you got! I expecially like blue the cat from Kristy, very cute kitty!