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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Twilight (Forks, WA.) & Victoria BC, Canada Trip!

Wow, after starting to plan this trip in February, I can't believe it's over now!

My besfriend Elena and I (we've been friends for 23 years!) had not seen each other in 7 years!!! I know, crazy, but Elena lives in Califoria, last time I saw her was February of 2003 when I was living in Phoenix, AZ. Between alot of my dear hubby's health problems, moving to Idaho, Jim being put on the transplant list, moving to Utah for his transplant for 2 years, Jim recovering from the transplant and us returning to our home in Idaho this past March....it's been crazy and the years have flown by.

Elena & I in 1987 (I'm standing):

Elena and I on Sept. 21, 2010 having lunch at a restaurant on the wharf in Victoria BC, Canada (I'm on the right):

Thankfully we have one of those friendships where you CAN go for years without seeing each other, and when you finally do, it's like you have not skipped a beat! We mostly stay in contact via email...I so am not a phone person and neither is Elena...but we did speak twice on the phone since February of this year! LOL!

So we started our trip by meeting in Seattle, Washington on Sept. 17th. Got our rental car and did the 3-4 hour drive through the Olympic Peninsula to the tiny town of Forks, Washington, where our favorite books, the "Twilight Sagas" take place. We are both such "TwiHards", I am Team Edward and Elena is Team Jacob. I even got us each necklaces, mine reads "Edward Prefers Cougars" and Elena's reads "Jacob Prefers Cougars"! LOL!!

During the drive up to Forks, we stopped in Sequim, Washington, what an adorable little town!! We wish we could have spent more time there! We did get to go to the Purple Haze Lavendar store. We would have loved to go to their lavendar farm, but the last weekend the farm is open to visitors was Labor Day weekend. We hit a few other cute stores and then continued on our journey.

Click the picture below to go to the Purple Haze Lavendar website!

Our next stop was in Port Angeles, Washington. For those of you who have read the Twilight Saga books, you know Bella and Edward's first date was at the 'Bella Italia restaurant' and Bella ordered Mushroom Ravioli. So yea, you guessed it, that's where we stopped for a late lunch! We had a 4pm reservation so before that we checked out the: "Dazzled By Twilight" store, stopped into "Port Book and News" where Bella purchased the book about "The Cold Ones", check out the "Lincoln Theatre" (where Bella and Jessica went to the movies in "New Moon" and also Bella, Jacob & Mike Newton went to see "Face Punch"). After our bellies were full we continued for about 1.5 hours to Forks.

Our room at the Pacific Inn Motel was WONDERFUL!! The motel has several "Twilight" themed rooms and ours was BOTH a Jacob and Edward theme...just what we ordered!! It had beautiful black and red decor throughout the room, Twilight towels, Twilight nightlights, lightswitch covers and Twilight character/Twilight Saga movie framed posters. Edward was right above my bed! (sigh....)

We hit The Twilight Lounge for a couple drinks and laughed at people doing karaoke (and it got funnier the more drinks we had!) We then went back to our Twilight themed room to watch the first movie of the Saga "Twilight".

While in Forks we did alot of shopping, went on 2 "Twilight" tours and saw: Charlie and Bella Swan's house, The Cullens house, Forks High School (what's left of it, they recently demolished it, but the school facing is still standing along with the school sign), The hospital where Dr. Cullen works, the Police Station where Charlie works, and amazing Riatlo Beach.

Our Saturday evening tour we went to La Push Beach (this is now the wolf's territory!...unfortunately we didn't see Jacob!!) but we did see his 'house' which is a vacation rental and I swear, looks JUST like the house in the movie, even backing up to the gorgeous woods! That evening in our room and we watched the 2nd installment of the Twilight Saga, "New Moon".

Our last day in Forks we went to explore all by our little selves! We went to see the magical Hoh RainForest and it's spectacular! We only did one trail, The Hall of Mosses, but wow! What beauty!

After the rain forest we did another return to 1st beach in La Push, and stopped at a different point, which was near the harbor for the Quileute Indian tribe. Boy was it cold and windy at that point of the beach! But no matter if it was rainy, foggy, overcast or sunny in Forks/La Push, it is absolutley stunning!!

Monday morning the 20th we checked out of Forks and drove to Port Angeles to board the Coho passenger/car Ferry over to Victoria, BC, Canada. Neither of us have ever been to Canada, and the pictures and all we've read about Victoria was absolutely wonderful!! I've never been out of the country so had to get my Passport! How exciting is that?

We stayed 3 nights at a wonderful boutique hotel called the Magnolia. Our room was fabulous and so was everyone working there! We had plush robes and slippers on our beds upon entering and every night had a turn down service with yummy chocolates!! Our hotel was within walking distance of most everything in Victoria!

We again did alot of shopping, had wonderful food, tried Canadian lagers and 100% fell in love with Victoria. It is so beautiful, clean, historic and filled with wonderful people!

While there we visited the Craigdarroch castle which is super cool.

The Parliament which is gorgeous lit up at night:

And beautiful inside:

One day we took the 'Scenic Marine Drive' up to the beautiful Buchart Gardens! What awesome beaches they have, so many places to stop and do photo shoots!

About 5 minutes before the Butchart Gardens is the Butterfly Gardens. Both gardens were so breathtaking!

The last afternoon in Victoria we had High Tea in the historical neighborhood of James Bay.

Thurs. the 23rd we left Victoria via Ferry and landed once again in Port Angeles. We made it just in time to go to the Lincoln Theatre and see The Twilight Saga's 3rd installment, "Eclipse". That was Elena's 3rd time seeing it and my 2nd....I can't wait to see it again! LOL! We went back to Bella Italia for a late dinner, it was soooooo good the first time, we HAD to go back again!!

We then had to drive about 2.5 hours back to Seattle. We finally arrived, exhausted and got a goods night sleep.

On our one day in Seattle we went to Pike Place Market, we didn't get through the entire place, it's huge and was super crowed. We then went over to Pioneer Park to do Bill Speidel's Underground Tour. This was really neat to discover how Seattle was 'orignally' built before the now Seattle was actually built onto of the old city.

Our last thing was hitting the CheeseCake Factory then headed off to the airport. We had such a marvelous vacation, it was soooooo great to see Elena everyday for 8 days in a row and do and see such wonderful things!! We loved Forks and Victoria BC so much, we are already planning a return trip next year! This time with the hubbys....figure they could do a day of fishing while we do our 'Twilight" things in Forks and we know they would love the beauty of that part of the country.

We missed things we wanted to do in Victoria BC, like the BC museum, Hatley Castle and Gardens, seeing the seals on Fisherman's Wharf, doing a boat tour around the harbor......boy, we are already building a list of what we'll make the boys take us to there!! LOL!!


  1. WOW Kitty, that looked like a fabulous vacation! I would totally do everything you guys did. I love to see in person where they filmed scenes and then go back and watch the movie! I must put this on our vacation wish list!!
    So glad you got to enjoy it all with your HS friend. That is so wonderful!

  2. Hi Robyn! It WAS so much fun! The town of Forks and it's tours actually represent more of what is in the series of books vs. the movies. They never did any real filming in Forks. The filming of the movies were done in places such as Oregon and Vancouver. We were told on 1 tour that when they were in Forks scoping out places to film, the state of Washington wanted way too much $$ for them to film there, it was not in the filming budget, so now of course Washington is kicking itself because of the major success of everything Twilight!
    The hospital entrance and Fork's High School Spartans sign, things like those were filmed and CGI'd into the movies we were told.
    Stephanie Meyer, the author of the series DID go to Forks to research for her books, so the Cullen house matches the description in the books of an old historic home with a wrap around porch, vs the ultra modern one in the movies.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful time! Thanks for taking us along with all the pics ~ marvelous! Hope you have a great week!

  4. What a wonderful trip! I did a Twilight trip myself in October and had a wonderful time!

    I blogged about it as well as I went. So much fun!


  5. Glad you like my blog! I loved going to all those Twilight places. I've never had so much fun! I can't wait to go back.

    Do you live near those areas? It's so beautiful there!

  6. The best filming spots are in Oregon. St. Helens has the Bloated Toad, Thunderbird and Whale, the dress shop, the parking lot where he saves her from the guys, the alley and the street he drove her down after he saved her.

    The Cullen House, Ballet studio, high school, where they had prom, Carver Cafe, the area where he told her he was a vampire, beach and more are in and around Portland.

    Nothing was filmed in Forks, Port Angeles or La Push. Weird.

  7. He really was a trooper! I had to do all the driving but I was just glad he could come because I almost made that trip by myself!

    I had to do all the driving and I bitched like a sailor but it just meant we had to stop more often for me to take photos which was totally fine by me!

  8. I didn't know that. Now I'm glad I took the photos!

    Did you know there is a lady in Forks names Tena who salvaged hundreds of bricks from the school when it was torn down. They were trashed and she and her husband got them and some of the wood gym floor. They sell the bricks for $10 a piece and made the wood floor into boxes to hold the bricks. Very cool. They have an Etsy site. I discovered her doing some research for our website. I am Editor in Chief for Twilightblogs.com. Twilight is my life!

  9. I knew they'd moved it but I didn't know why. I'm a photographer and I wouldn't do that. Who would be so insensetive as to put a photo of a crash victim on their FB page. That's just crazy! You learned a lot lo your trip! You should do a guest blog about your trip on my Twilightblogs.com. People would love to hear about your experiences!

  10. Seriously? I'm uploading my thousands of trip photos to Flickr as we speak and I just pulled that one up. I swear it has eyes!