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Friday, February 18, 2011

Another holiday gone by....

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day this past Monday! We went to the movies to see "Black Swan"...wow, what a movie, Natalie Portman definetly deserves Best Actress!

I thought I would share my Valentine's decorations for this year and also what I made and received for a V-day prim swap I was in!

First, here is what I made for the V-day swap:

I repurposed a pillar candle by covering it with spices and then rolling it in bits of cloves. I added some old cheesecloth and rusty wire wrapped around the candle. A rusty heart was attached to the rusty wire and then a round hang tag. I then tied some red and white homespun around the wick as this candle is for display only.

The other hang tag is a bit hard to see, but it's a little girl and boy smooching, the tag has been sprinkled with red candy sprinkles.

Here is a cute star pan with fixens I made. I scuffed up the pan and added my bag of cinnamon/applesauce heart ornies with dried fixens of orange and apple slices, cinnamon stix, cloves, allspice, cranberries and cherries. I tied the bag to the pan with old cheesecloth and a small piece of cinnamon stix.

I will be selling these on my Selling Blog ShabbyKat Primitives Sundries 'n Such which is to open soon!

Next is this fun tealight jar I made! I recycled an old jar and painted it red. I sprinkled it with red candy sprinkles and made an old label for the front of the jar. I also put some pieces of old music sheet around the jar. I painted and sprinkled up the lid and put an old, rusty heart on the top.

Along with the jar you see one of my hang tags, a little girl and her doggie, and a plug outlet cover-up I redid by painting it red, sprinkling it with mica, wrapping a rusty wire around it, added a rusty star and a round hang tag. I included a tea light inside the jar:

Here are the WONDERFUL prims I received from the swap!!

Look at all these awesome prims!!

Yummy cinnamon fixens and this cute V-day block!

Love, love, love this kitty and heart and the stitchery!!

These 'hugs 'n kisses' are so cute and prim and even smell like chocolate!

A cute V-day card and REAL Hershey's hugs!! YUMMY!!! I'm embarrassed to say I ate this whole bag in one day!!

And finally, my home decorated for V-day....I always love looking at other prim lover's homes for the holidays, just great decorating ideas you can get! I hope I can inspire some for next Valentine's Day decorating!


Here is my stove top:

Old strainer filled with faux V-day cupcakes and heart cookies. There is a cute V-day tag attached to one of the cupcakes with pink cheesecloth:

Cute red bucket filled with fabric hearts and small dried roses sprinkled with gold. The hang tag I had made with a vintage V-day graphic and filled in the hearts with red glitter and put some mica flakes on the tag:

This is on one of my kitchen counters:

An old bowl filled with more faux cookies, some "X's 'n O's", glittery red lips and some old love letters and roses I made:

I added a shiny red star to Mr. Rooster:

Another of my hang tags I added to my lighted wine bottle. Vintage couple graphic, strips of sheer red fabric sprinkled with silver glitter, torn piece from a music sheet and lots of mica!


This is on our TV stand, one of my favorite prim V-day items I had purchased from a talented seller on E-bay.

A distressed red box with a old photo of a group of girls. A garland of hearts strung from the box, with a hang tag glittered in gold. Another tiny hang tag with a heart and 1 primmed up heart is in the box:

I added some of my prim roses to the box:

This prim plate is on the opposite side of our TV stand.

An old bobbin (sorry can't actually see it!) with a hang tag I made:


"Love Potion" bottles with simple red and white shiny pipe cleaners I shaped into hearts:

And then 'of course' some more of my hand made V-day hang tags!


  1. Everything looks just beautiful!I love the pillar candle you made!so cute!Ive been wanting to see black swan.I adore natalie portman,ever since where the heart is.have a great weekend.blessings michelle

  2. Hi Kitty! Just wanted to let you know how much I love those valentine goodies! I just put my candle in a great star pan and it looks great! Glad you liked yours too. Great post! Hugs!