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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Americana sign re-dos!

I re-did some signs for our "Americana Room". This room is generally used for my crafting. But if we have guests, it's also used as one of our guest bedrooms. It has a futon, a small TV and welcoming Americana decor.

This tin sign I orginally had in my living room. It blended in too much with the white wall and I had a different sign I wanted to hang there, so decided to re-do it in a red, white and blue wash.



Even though I love all my 'cat stuff' I had some I was just 'tired' of.


So I made it up into my "Betsy Ross" sign:


I also found a neat Besty Ross picture that I framed and hung next to the sign:

The next sign is one I used to have in my kitchen years ago:


With this one, I just painted a simple American flag:


I then looked for another Americana picture and found this one to frame and add next to the American flag sign:

This "Welcome" Pineapple sign was not necessarily a 're-do'. I found a piece of square wood in my husband wood-working shop and did this up. I decided to hang it in the Americana room, a nice 'welcome' to any guests who may stay the night here.

I painted the wood a navy blue. It's a bit hard to read in the photos, but it reads on one side "Welcome" and the other side "Friends". I painted a pineapple and a couple gold stars. I rubbed some stain on the entire piece and wiped off a few minutes later.

My last re-do was on the sign below. I absolutely love the quote on it, but the blue that it was I did not have really anywhere in the house anymore.


I decided to paint this all red and add pictures of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. I rubbed it with stain and added some old cheesecloth, rusty keys, stars and pins.


As long as this post is about re-dos for our Americana room, I'll throw this one in too! I can't believe I did not get a 'before' pic. This was a brown letter holder of my husbands. It had a ceramic disc glued on the front of some goose. Not a prim goose, some really ugly one! LOL!

So I decided to make it into a small plate holder. I tore off that ugly goose disc & painted it red, added a "Union Soldier" label and stained the whole piece.

I added 2 plates I purchased, one reads "Liberty" and the other is our flag with some stars. I also added a set of my prim spoons. These I did in Americana colors and covered in spices. It has a piece of homespun wrapped around them which has stars on it & added rusty pins and bells. I hung it up on one of walls by our window. I draped part of my prim curtains over the plate holder.


  1. You have ben abusy bee! Lots of great redo's! Good job!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Fantastic Americana re-do's! I especially *Love* your Abe & George collage board!
    Good to see you posting again