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Monday, April 09, 2012

Primming up the kitchen!

I love adding new prim to my home! Just by adding new curtains and wooden folding shutters, my kitchen window now has a MUCH more prim look!~

I also took our clear glass canisters and a white enamel candle jar and added some 'old' labels.  I printed the labels and used a coffee stain to give them that great prim look!

I also labeled a shelf I already had in my kitchen.  It was black and where I put the label had a picture of 3 Italian chefs.  I like the primmed up label better!

The last item I prim labeled in my kitchen (really, it is the last! LOL!) was a candy dispenser.  Originally it was silver so I painted it black, then added a label I coffee stained to the globe.


  1. Love the shutters. I thought I was the only one who painted everything black, it is prim-perfect!

  2. Those shutters look great! So cozy!!
    All the labels look really good too! TFS!!

  3. Wonderful displays Kitty!!! Love the shutters in the kitchen window ~ looks great!!!
    I really love the licorice jar ~ oh my favorite candy!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Prim Blessings

  4. love the black curtains and red shutters...the labels look wonderful too! hugs, Kristy