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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Laundry Room Prims!

I have not posted for awhile, so apologies that this is a long post, heavy on pics!

I really like my prim laundry room, some fun things in there I'd like to share.  The one thing I'd still like to do is paint, but who knows when I'll get to that??


The wall clock below reads "Teasdale's Dye-House".   Teasdale's was founded in 1830 by Cincinnatian William Teasdale, who called it Teasdale Dye House. As the name suggests, the business dyed clothing so it could be worn longer.

I LOVE FloorCloths!  I had this one specially made for my laundry room!  I have about 6 FloorCloths throughout the house (wish I had more!) and I've always gotten them from  My Little House of Primitives on Ebay.

I had gotten a 'small' obsession with old sprinkling bottles.  The kind that was used when ironing before starch.  I purchased my sprinklers with/and bottles on Ebay and Etsy.  I placed them on a small, handmade ironing board, another Ebay purchase. :)

Cute sheep gameboard I got a couple years ago.


Some jars I labeled and/or grunged up

The 'Washing Soda' one above I recently broke! :(

Little raggedy dress I made with pocket full of dried herbs on a branch/wire hanger:

Wow! This "Laundry" sign I painted about 10 years ago on an old slab of wood.

Below are some painting and staining I did.  The old ice tongs that hold my paper towel roll in the laundry room was hanging from a chain that had brass hooks.....well the brass HAD to go, so just painted 'em black....easy enough!
Then two little mirrors with wooden frames....went nuts on those! LOL! Painted navy and distressed and attached them together by rusty wire & rusty pins.  I added rusty stars to the frames of the mirrors and put some clothespins, stained cheesecloth and homespun in the mix!



I stained a set of 'hot' and 'cold' knobs that are hanging by my washer and dryer.  They originally were very white......a bit hard to see in the pic below:


So stained them up and tied some green homespun around them:

The item below I forgot to take a 'before' pic....but the scrub brush was like a country blue with white flowers painted on it.
I painted the scrub brush navy then doused it with spices.  Added a rusty star and wrapped a piece of stained cheesecloth around it.  Some rusty safety pins are attached to the cheesecloth.  I placed it in an old "Sears Roebuck" mug and put homespun and a small clothes pin on the mug's handle.  (the ugly black thing in the mug is scented oil...should have taken that out)  :)

The remainder are just miscellaneous items in the laundry room, thanks for looking!


  1. Oh Kitty, your laundry room is wonderful! Oh how I wish I could decorate mine how I want...but it's in the basement (manland) and its also a bathroom, so hubby has decorated it in hot rod style..:( I'm envious of yours!

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    I adore this writing. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.