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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Olde grill Re-Do

So my husband likes to 'hang onto' things.......things that I think he should ditch.  One being an old bbq grill.  We've purchased a new one several years ago, but he kept hanging onto this old one.  It just sat there along the side of the house that no one sees.  It's kinda a catch-all for his wheelbarrow, pitching tent, xtra chairs for the yard and that grill!

Well lo-an-behold the man came up with one cute idea!  He told me to plant flowers in the grill! This side of the house happens to run past our kitchen window and looking out the window there is nothing fun.....at all!

So we positioned the grill right in front of the window and I wanted a pronto fix......so I 'planted' errrrr.....fake flowers.  Yea, tacky, but I tried to get the 'most real' looking ones.  It's coming up on the end of the season, the stores really had crap in actual living flowers.

So here is the end result......the cute word rocks are something we had already.

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